Searching for something a little different for this winter’s getaway? Consider a visit to Arch Cape, Oregon. This tiny coastal town is an undiscovered gem that provides visitors with natural beauty in a quiet and undisturbed environment. Below are five reasons to visit Arch Cape, Oregon during the Winter.


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sgi-lighthouseEven though the weather on St. George Island isn’t amazingly hot during the winter, there are still plenty of things to do. It is true that the island is not as busy in the winter, but you never have to worry about things closing down because there are natives that live on the island all year round. You might have to pack an extra layer than if you come in the summer, but it is still worth the visit. Here are just a few of the activities you can do on St. George Island in the winter.

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Different Kinds of Water Sports

Leland On November - 11 - 2016

waterskiing-sierra-leoneThere are many different categories of sports. Some sports take place in the summer and some take place in the fall, winter or spring. It’s hard to get bored with all this entertainment all year long. One category of sports that takes place in the summer is water sports. Water sports can include anything that has to do with being active in the water. Here are just a few of the many ways playing in the water can be considered a sport. Continue reading “Different Kinds of Water Sports” »

33057As a state, South Carolina provides near year-round perfect golfing weather. There are few more idyllic locations in the region than Kiawah Island. Thanks to the plentiful rainfall, the greens are plush and ready for novice and advanced golfers alike. Whether you live in the area, or you are looking for a special golf holiday, consider the following 3 locations that are sure to provide you with a great outing in Kiawah Island, South Carolina.  Continue reading “3 Fantastic Places to Golf in Kiawah Island, South Carolina” »

Fall Activities on Hilton Head Island

Leland On October - 3 - 2016

beach-biking-hilton-headHilton Head Island, located in South Carolina, is known for its family-friendly beaches, beautiful scenery and the abundance of outdoor activities. The temperature stays in the mid to low 70s through October and into early November, so although it may be chilly, it is not too cold to stay outside. If you are planning on visiting Hilton Head this fall, here are some outdoor activities you may consider: Continue reading “Fall Activities on Hilton Head Island” »

Skiing in Colorado vs Skiing in The East Coast

Alfredo On August - 2 - 2016

west coast and east coast skiing pictures

Everyone claims that whatever coast they are from, that their coast is the best coast. Some people claim that skiing in Colorado, which is a part of the West Coast is better than skiing in the states on the East Coast and vice versa. There are differences when it comes to skiing through the mountains of Colorado and skiing through the terrains of the East Coast. Regardless of which coast is the better coast, here is a list of the differences of skiing in Colorado (the West Coast) and the East Coast.

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Active Corporate Outings

Alfredo On July - 11 - 2016

Every business, no matter how big or small, needs to have a corporate activity. Corporate activities, like getting lunch or participating in outdoor sports after work, are important for keeping the community in the office live. If your office needs a little pep in its step, try out these active corporate outings that your business can participate in!

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Whitewater Rafting in the Berkshires Picture

Whitewater rafting is an outdoor activity where people sit in an inflatable boat and guide themselves down a river that typically has rough waters and rapids. Whitewater rafting is considered an extreme adventure sport. People that have previously gone whitewater rafting have left very satisfied after their trip. A lot of places offer whitewater rafting, even the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

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Outdoor Games to Have at Your Open House

Rebekkah On May - 16 - 2016

IOpen House Games Picturet is the time of year when the school year is coming to an end. The seniors in high school are almost graduated and are trying to figure out which college they want to attend to further their education. The seniors in college are almost done with their undergrad degree and are trying to figure out what their future will look like, whether it is more school or accepting a big job offer. Whichever the case, graduation is a successful time in a person’s life that needs to be celebrated. Usually the graduate’s celebration is put on by their families through an open house, and each graduate has many to attend to celebrate their friends’ successes. If you are graduating soon, here are a few outdoor games to include at your open house to make yours stand out.

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Football Needs Better Announcers

Mikalah On April - 21 - 2016

sunday-night-footballImagine a world where you tune into a game and get to choose who you listen to. Sunday night football is on and instead of listening to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman deliver the play by play and color commentary you get to choose a different announcer based on your level of football knowledge or team allegiance.

One of the biggest complaints football fans have towards sports announcers is their perceived lack of football knowledge and experience. For example, in years past Joe Buck has covered the U.S. Open golf tournament, the World Series and the Superbowl.

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