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Dog Agility Competitions: A List of Obstacles

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When we think of typical competitions involving dogs, we often think of dog shows where dogs are judged based on physical appearance. There are, however, competitions where agility, strength, intelligence and obedience are the key areas being judged. These attributes are essential in competitions known as dog agility competitions. In this type of competition, the dog handler must guide their dog through an obstacle course using gesture and voice commands alone. If dog health in increased through dog supplements (I recommend, their physical performance may be enhanced. They are not allowed to touch the obstacles or the dog and must remain by the dog’s side in order to properly guide him through the course. This requires a high level of endurance on both parts and a high level of obedience and intelligence of the dog. The owner must exhibit patience and a high level of trust with their canine companion.

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Why We Still Talkin’ Bout Trout?

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Mike TroutI have never heard so much talk about defense and WAR (Wins above replacement) in an MVP debate in my life. Sure Justin Verlander won MVP last year, but that was on a completely different level as a defensive player. It’s always been in the past the three offensive categories that are always been focused on (Batting Average, Home runs and RBI), whether they are lineup dependent or not, and hitting in the clutch (see: Ryan Braun over Matt Kemp in 2011).

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