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Football Needs Better Announcers

Posted by Mikalah On April - 21 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

sunday-night-footballImagine a world where you tune into a game and get to choose who you listen to. Sunday night football is on and instead of listening to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman deliver the play by play and color commentary you get to choose a different announcer based on your level of football knowledge or team allegiance.

One of the biggest complaints football fans have towards sports announcers is their perceived lack of football knowledge and experience. For example, in years past Joe Buck has covered the U.S. Open golf tournament, the World Series and the Superbowl.

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Staying Healthy on the Golf Course

Posted by Mikalah On April - 14 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

old-man-golfingGolf is probably the greatest of all participation sports. I don’t say that because golf is fun to watch or that it’s even fun to play, but you can learn how to play golf and then play the rest of your life. Aside from maybe bowling, golf is the only “competitive sport” that can be played into an old age.

Here’s an interesting statistic – a quarter of all golfers in the United States are over the age of 50, and half of all rounds played are by people over 50.

Unfortunately that isn’t the same for everyone. Just like any sport people can get injured playing golf, or injuries and ailments from other reasons can affect their ability to play golf. Older people are much more prone to injuries and should be mindful of how they play and what they can do to stay healthy. So here are a few tips for avoiding injury while golfing: Continue reading “Staying Healthy on the Golf Course” »