5 Delightfully Weird Summer Sport Pastimes

Posted by Mikalah On July - 2 - 2013

Aqua JoggingSummer, for many sports lovers, marks a serious lull in the action that we so desire. In this space before college football season, we find ourselves turning to some, er, offbeat sorts of entertainment. Here are 5 ideas to pass the time during the summer months.

1. Aqua Jogging

For all of you with joint problems, or fitness freaks bored of their traditional run, there’s aqua jogging! This fitness trend takes advantage of the human body’s natural buoyancy in water to create an exercise plan that is easy on the joints. Essentially, running underwater burns more calories thanks to the water’s resistance and is easier on the body. For these reasons, this idea is catching on, and you can even buy underwater treadmills to stick in your pool.

2. Dodgeball

Catch the Dodgeball World Championship and Convention, held in August this year. You may have thought that the 2004 Vince Vaughn movie made this thing up, but no siree. This is a real live cutthroat competition. If the world championship seems like a bit much for you, grab a few friends and throw some balls at them. Hey, it was fun in 4th grade, right?

3. Toe Wrestling

If playing competitive footsy sounds like a dream come true, you can go try your luck at the World Toe Wrestling Championships, held each summer. Our old foes from across the pond always seem to win this one for some reason, so you just have to go tell them who’s boss! America.

4. Synchronized Swimming

This has always seemed like a ridiculous idea to me, but at least it was one that was very seldom seen. Well, not anymore. Synchronized swimming classes are gaining popularity on the west coast, and we all know how California fitness trends always seem to sweep the nation. Apparently, the combination of water resistance and choreography makes this quite the workout. Even though you still look a little ridiculous.

5. Stand Up Paddleboard

As someone who spend much of childhood trying to stand and balance on things for fun, this one sounds like a great idea to me. Embrace your inner Pocahantas and go chasing round the riverbend while standing on a paddleboard and rowing yourself along. You may look a little like a castaway trying to make it to shore, but it’s a great workout.

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