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Football Needs Better Announcers

Posted by Mikalah On April - 21 - 2016ADD COMMENTS

sunday-night-footballImagine a world where you tune into a game and get to choose who you listen to. Sunday night football is on and instead of listening to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman deliver the play by play and color commentary you get to choose a different announcer based on your level of football knowledge or team allegiance.

One of the biggest complaints football fans have towards sports announcers is their perceived lack of football knowledge and experience. For example, in years past Joe Buck has covered the U.S. Open golf tournament, the World Series and the Superbowl.

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Staying Healthy on the Golf Course

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old-man-golfingGolf is probably the greatest of all participation sports. I don’t say that because golf is fun to watch or that it’s even fun to play, but you can learn how to play golf and then play the rest of your life. Aside from maybe bowling, golf is the only “competitive sport” that can be played into an old age.

Here’s an interesting statistic – a quarter of all golfers in the United States are over the age of 50, and half of all rounds played are by people over 50.

Unfortunately that isn’t the same for everyone. Just like any sport people can get injured playing golf, or injuries and ailments from other reasons can affect their ability to play golf. Older people are much more prone to injuries and should be mindful of how they play and what they can do to stay healthy. So here are a few tips for avoiding injury while golfing: Continue reading “Staying Healthy on the Golf Course” »

Staying Cool in Texas this Summer

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There certainly aren’t too many places hotter than Texas. Temperatures can easily rise into to 90s and even the 100s, the later in the summer it gets. Most of us are just dying for a way to stay cool. There’s always the option of heading inside and keeping the air conditioning on full blast, but that can get boring and expensive. It’s much more fun to take advantage of all the great places to get wet in Texas. Here are the top five summer water destinations in Texas: Continue reading “Staying Cool in Texas this Summer” »

Best Biking Trails in Park City, Utah

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mountain biking park city

In the winter, the mountains of Park City are perfect for snowboarding and skiing. In the summer, they’re perfect for some of the best biking in the area. Park City’s mountain biking trails have been designated with IMBA’s Gold Level Ride Area status. If you’re a cyclist looking for a summer time activity to do in Park City, take on the best trails of the area.  Continue reading “Best Biking Trails in Park City, Utah” »

Green Bay Packers Draft Needs

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Now that the sting of the devastating collapse in the last 4 minutes the NFC Championship has started to fade a bit, it is time to evaluate what the draft needs are for the 2015 draft for the Green Bay Packers.  2014 was another good year for the Packers. They went 12-4, won the NFC North Championship for the 4th straight year, and made it to the NFC title game against Seattle. This is a franchise that builds its team through the draft unlike any other in the NFL. Once again in ’14, the Packers’ roster had more original draft picks than any team in the NFL. It is how General Manager Ted Thompson likes to build this team.  Free agent splashes like Julius Peppers in 2014 are a rarity. Continue reading “Green Bay Packers Draft Needs” »

What bebal_1200x630tter way to celebrate a 25th anniversary as an MLB ballpark than with the All-Star Game? Oriole Park at Camden Yards (OPACY) will turn 25 in 2016 and are currently the leading candidate for the 2016 All-Star Game. As the original retro ballpark in the MLB opening its doors in 1992, there has been a lot of history here for both Baltimore and the Orioles. There have been many attempted duplications, but none have been able to live up to this ballpark. Continue reading “Oriole Park at Camden Yards is the Leading Candidate for 2016 All-Star Game” »

MSU vs OSU: Which is the better team?

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osu vs msuOn Saturday the Big Ten will finally have the deciding game that everyone has been waiting for since the start of the football season. Who is really the better team? Who has the higher chance of making it to the playoffs? Currently, both teams’ standings are exactly the same, 4-0 in the Big Ten and 7-1 overall. Michigan State is ranked 7th in the country, while Ohio State is at 16th. Since this is their toughest game week in the Big Ten, this will decide on which of the two best teams in the East Division is the real deal. Continue reading “MSU vs OSU: Which is the better team?” »

Penn State vs Michigan: Predictions

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After their painful losses on their second Big Ten match-ups last Saturday, the Nittany Lions and the Wolverines will finally be facing each other at the Big House on October 11. It doesn’t seem clear which one hurts more—that Penn State scored its fewest points ever against Northwestern in its 29-6 loss, or that Michigan is 0-2 in the Big Ten for the first time since 1967. Continue reading “Penn State vs Michigan: Predictions” »

“Unbeatable” Ray Rice Jokes on Twitter

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Despite the seriousness of the domestic drama between Ray Rice and his fiancee and the blatant disregard of material evidence by the gods in the NFL, the Twitter-verse is still imploding with jokes about the now former Baltimore Ravens running back.  Continue reading ““Unbeatable” Ray Rice Jokes on Twitter” »

Tips for Away Game Road Trips

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tailgatingFootball season is right around the corner that means tackles, marching bands, roar of the crowd, towels and tailgating. Painting your chest, singing the fight sing, or buying season tickets are important ways to outwardly show your support of your team, but there’s only one way to proclaim your fan hood to the world–going to away games. Road trips to away games are like going behind enemy lines. There’s safety in numbers, so going to a foreign stadium against a rival truly puts you on the front lines of fan hood. You’re representing your team or school to the world and most importantly to an opponent. So if you’ve never gone on an away game road trip, here are some tips to make your experience the best and most efficient journey into opposition territory.  Continue reading “Tips for Away Game Road Trips” »