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Outdoor Games to Have at Your Open House

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IOpen House Games Picturet is the time of year when the school year is coming to an end. The seniors in high school are almost graduated and are trying to figure out which college they want to attend to further their education. The seniors in college are almost done with their undergrad degree and are trying to figure out what their future will look like, whether it is more school or accepting a big job offer. Whichever the case, graduation is a successful time in a person’s life that needs to be celebrated. Usually the graduate’s celebration is put on by their families through an open house, and each graduate has many to attend to celebrate their friends’ successes. If you are graduating soon, here are a few outdoor games to include at your open house to make yours stand out.

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Outdoor Activities in Wine Country

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1f8e346182c107092fb3160c6e42172daaf9615eIf you’re a wine enthusiast looking for outdoor activities in the heart of Wine Country, California, then look no further. Wine Country offers a lot of activities for visitors other than simply taste-testing wine. Wine Country is beautiful with miles and miles of vineyards to explore so if you’re in the area, it’s certainly worth it to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Continue reading “Outdoor Activities in Wine Country” »

Why it’s Healthy to Go Skiing

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World___Italy_Downhill_skiing_in_the_ski_resort_of_Val_Gardena__Italy_062919_Skiing is more than a recreational sport. In fact, there’s a lot more to it than gliding down a hill. It involves not only physically capability, but also mental stability in order to glide down a hill on a pair of skiis. Continue reading “Why it’s Healthy to Go Skiing” »

1918teamThe 2014 World Cup is already under way and the United States sports media is now talking about soccer consistently. Many U.S. pundits and sports experts talk about the United States’ soccer history in the short term. They attribute the lack of soccer’s popularity due to the game’s young history in this nation. But United States soccer history goes back to the origins of sports in America. Continue reading “Bethlehem Steel FC: America’s First Sports Dynasty” »

Maryland/Rutgers Football Preview

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MARYUniversity of Maryland and Rutgers University are two of the latest additions to the Big “Ten” Conference that will make their respective debuts to the conference in the fall. Both east coast schools will be making a drastic transition from playing regional schools to traveling long distances to play the schools in the Midwest. There has been continuous debate on whether their arrival will disrupt the tradition of Big Ten style and attributes, but this decision came down to money on both sides. Let’s preview how the schools will fair in the first athletic challenge during their rookie Big Ten seasons–football.


The Terrapins finished 5th place in the ACC Atlantic Division just barley winning enough games to be bowl eligible. They ended up losing to Marshall from the MAC in the Military Bowl, ending their season on a sour note. Maryland will play in the East Division with Rutgers, Indiana,  Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Penn State. This is arguably the much more competitive division with Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, and reigning Big Ten Champions Michigan State. This will prove a trail by fire transition for Maryland, but luckily they are used to playing with Florida State in their division. Their first five games are all winnable, with the key match up coming on September 13th at home versus rivals West Virginia. Maryland opens up their Big Ten campaign at Indiana on September 27th and at home versus Ohio State on October 4th. Continue reading “Maryland/Rutgers Football Preview” »

Famous Religious Athletes

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TebowTim Tebow has been in and out of news headlines ever since his football career began at the University of Florida in 2006. After Tebow was let go from the New England Patriots at the end of August, these headlines have all pertained to his free agent status. Before he was a free agent, he caught the media’s attention a whole other way. Tebow first made the news for being an outspoken Christian, but what later became known as Tebowing was the cause of the media frenzy surrounding him. Tebowing refers to the act of kneeling on one knee in prayer, with one’s head resting on one’s fist, which Tebow often did.

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What Are You Supposed to Drink While Exercising?

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Workout DrinksCoffee, smoothies, and energy drinks. These are just some of the energy-boosting drinks that are being sold in the market today. The array of choices has been growing so much, but how much do you really need when you’re exercising? But the first question you have to answer is—how long do you exercise? If it’s just an hour or less, water will be just fine. If it’s longer than that, or if’s hot and humid outside, then Dr. Pamela Nisevich Bede from Runners World recommends drinking extra calories and electrolytes that are contained in sports drinks.

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My 3 Favorite Universities for Tailgating

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The great migration to college campuses is beginning to occur and that can only mean one thing: it’s almost time for college football. Whether you’re still living the college life, enjoying your alumni status, or just a big fan, this is the time that we have all been waiting for. Everyone can get into the tailgating spirit, and I certainly plan to this fall. Here are three of my favorite spots to soak up the atmosphere.

1. Michigan State University

One of the largest universities in the nation, MSU is absolutely beautiful in the fall. The iconic Red Cedar that runs through campus may not be hygienic, but it is a lovely sight as the leaves begin to change colors. Spartan fans are also among the rowdiest, yet most hospitable. No matter where you park on campus, you’re sure to make some great friends.  Continue reading “My 3 Favorite Universities for Tailgating” »

Men’s Tennis: The Greatest Rivalries in History

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tennisThe game of tennis demands exceptional agility, technique and strength out of its players. It involves high levels of concentration and the ability to keep one’s emotions in check. Given these requirements, it’s understandable why there are so few who can rightly boast the claim of being “the world’s best”. Ultimately, every year, it comes down to one man. Throughout the years of the game, there have been many intense rivalries leading up to who would be declared the current greatest male tennis player in the world.

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Dog Agility Competitions: A List of Obstacles

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When we think of typical competitions involving dogs, we often think of dog shows where dogs are judged based on physical appearance. There are, however, competitions where agility, strength, intelligence and obedience are the key areas being judged. These attributes are essential in competitions known as dog agility competitions. In this type of competition, the dog handler must guide their dog through an obstacle course using gesture and voice commands alone. If dog health in increased through dog supplements (I recommend, their physical performance may be enhanced. They are not allowed to touch the obstacles or the dog and must remain by the dog’s side in order to properly guide him through the course. This requires a high level of endurance on both parts and a high level of obedience and intelligence of the dog. The owner must exhibit patience and a high level of trust with their canine companion.

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