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Outdoor Things To Do In Palmer, AK

Posted by Leland On May - 8 - 2017ADD COMMENTS

Known as the center of Alaska’s agriculture industry, Palmer is a great spot to vacation if you’re looking to visit The Last Frontier. This small town is perfect for a quiet vacation with plenty of things to do. While hiking may be the number one outdoor activity in Alaska, there’s even more to experience. Here are some outdoor things to do in Palmer, AK during your next visit.

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5 Delightfully Weird Summer Sport Pastimes

Posted by Mikalah On July - 2 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

Aqua JoggingSummer, for many sports lovers, marks a serious lull in the action that we so desire. In this space before college football season, we find ourselves turning to some, er, offbeat sorts of entertainment. Here are 5 ideas to pass the time during the summer months.

1. Aqua Jogging

For all of you with joint problems, or fitness freaks bored of their traditional run, there’s aqua jogging! This fitness trend takes advantage of the human body’s natural buoyancy in water to create an exercise plan that is easy on the joints. Essentially, running underwater burns more calories thanks to the water’s resistance and is easier on the body. For these reasons, this idea is catching on, and you can even buy underwater treadmills to stick in your pool.

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game day superstition

As the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament progresses, many are joining those of us whose brackets are well and truly busted. Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing you can do to help your team to win. But for those who believe in a little bit of magic, the right moves on game day just might help your team to progress onward in this year’s tourney.  

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Die Hard Sports Fans – Despite Sanctions

Posted by Alfredo On November - 27 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Ohio State Football“The Big Ten Sucks” is a statement I’ve heard multiple times, even from those whose favorite teams are in the conference. “The Big Ten teams are nothing compared to those in the SEC.” Maybe so, but the Big Ten hasn’t been THAT bad this year. For example, Penn State. They’ve done pretty well despite the sanctions and some players have collected football honors. Ohio State had a 12-0 season and their sanctions have haunted them as well.

Some say programs that did wrong shouldn’t be glorified – I’m not disagreeing. What’s happened at Ohio State and Penn State is nothing to be proud of. However, people still feel loyalty to their teams and thus will continue to harbor team pride. Die-hard sports fans, they are. They won’t admit The Big Ten sucks.

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