Developing a Routine in Bowling

Posted by Alfredo On February - 12 - 2013

bowlingThis article is to help you be more consistent when bowling and assist you in developing a checklist. Baseball players, tennis players, golfers, pool players, and more all try different strategies so they can develop a routine that works best for them. Developing a routine will force you to give more thought to what you are doing and help your concentration. You want to think about what you want to do before you approach the lane. Some people choose a board on the approach they want to stand on or what target they want to aim at. Once on the approach, they tend to their checklist or follow their routine.


Sample Checklist:
1. Get feet set on the proper board and assure you’re a proper distance from the foul line.
2. Get right elbow tucked in close to body.
3. Get hand in the proper starting position.
4. Use left hand to help support weight ball.
5. Flex knees and make sure weight is balanced.
6. Set ball in alignment with target.

Each bowler is different and may add or subtract from this list. With practice, most of these things will become automatic. Because bowling is a game of repetition, it is very important to develop a consistent routine.

When you are in competition, isolate each shot and do not let a previous bad shot distract you from your current shot. The more you discipline yourself to stick to your routine, the better you will perform under pressure.

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