Die Hard Sports Fans – Despite Sanctions

Posted by Alfredo On November - 27 - 2012

Ohio State Football“The Big Ten Sucks” is a statement I’ve heard multiple times, even from those whose favorite teams are in the conference. “The Big Ten teams are nothing compared to those in the SEC.” Maybe so, but the Big Ten hasn’t been THAT bad this year. For example, Penn State. They’ve done pretty well despite the sanctions and some players have collected football honors. Ohio State had a 12-0 season and their sanctions have haunted them as well.

Some say programs that did wrong shouldn’t be glorified – I’m not disagreeing. What’s happened at Ohio State and Penn State is nothing to be proud of. However, people still feel loyalty to their teams and thus will continue to harbor team pride. Die-hard sports fans, they are. They won’t admit The Big Ten sucks.

We’ve all heard the term “die hard sports fan,” but I guarantee that you haven’t truly met one until you’ve met my best friend. She’s truly a die-hard Buckeyes fan. Always has been. This means she watches home game in person amongst a huge, obnoxious crowd and gets cozy on her couch to watch all away games.

So naturally, when her Birthday was getting close, I knew I just HAD to get her something Buckeye-related. Being her best friend and a fairly dedicated Buckeye fan myself, I would often accompany her to home games. I remember one day her telling me she wished she had a stylish Ohio State Hat to sport at games. Keeping that in mind, I picked out the perfect hat for her. The particular hat I picked out is unique in that it is distinctly Buckeye gear with the same font choices, but it’s much more feminine than other hat choices. It’s got a plastic snap tab closure and it features a woven label on the front with the school name, mascot and logo. She’s a bit of a girly girl, so it fit her perfectly, literally.

I also knew she’d love some sweatpants to wear as she was keeping warm watching those away games with friends. She may be girly and like to dress up, but she knows when to dress down and be casual. Just for these occasions, I picked out some scarlet Ohio State sweatpants that seemed to have her name written all over them. They’re fleece, for extra comfort and they have an embroidered Ohio State logo on the left front leg. Needless to say, she was incredibly psyched to unwrap these essential pieces of Buckeye apparel and has since begun to seek out items herself.

At first, I was worried that she’d buy everything she needed or wanted, but then I began browsing the products even further and realized that there would always be something I could pick out for her. With all this new gear, she’s sure to show her even stronger Buckeye pride, now that they’re 12-0!

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