What Are You Supposed to Drink While Exercising?

Posted by andreas On September - 13 - 2013

Workout DrinksCoffee, smoothies, and energy drinks. These are just some of the energy-boosting drinks that are being sold in the market today. The array of choices has been growing so much, but how much do you really need when you’re exercising? But the first question you have to answer is—how long do you exercise? If it’s just an hour or less, water will be just fine. If it’s longer than that, or if’s hot and humid outside, then Dr. Pamela Nisevich Bede from Runners World recommends drinking extra calories and electrolytes that are contained in sports drinks.

Here are some tips on how to keep yourself hydrated during a work-out:

1. Drink water.

Yes, it’s as simple as that. You can try the flavored, calorie-free waters too if you want to have a variety for your taste buds. But if you’re working out to lose extra pounds, check the nutrition label first to avoid the extra calories and sugar. You don’t want to waste your work-out, don’t you? You can also come up with your flavored drink by adding a slice of fruit like orange, lemon, mint leaves, or even cucumber to your water.

Make sure to stay hydrated so you won’t feel nauseous when you’re jogging on the road. Sip water in slow amounts throughout the day and make sure to drink half your body weight in ounces every day.

2. Check the color of your urine.

To check if you’re adequately hydrated, your urine will have the pale lemonade color. If it’s clear, then it means you’ve been drinking too much. If the color is like that of apple juice, then have yourself more drinks.

3. Read the nutrition label.

Don’t get tempted by those attractive sports drinks because they might be laden with calories and sugar, which means you need extra hours in the gym just to burn them! Avoid specialty coffee drinks and even fruit juice, which are known for their high calories. If you’re looking for extra electrolytes, drink a calorie-free sports drink or even coconut water.

4. Do the sweat test.

To find out how much fluid you’ve lost during the hour, weight yourself naked pre- and post-workout sessions. If you lose one pound then it means you’ve sweated 16 ounces (one pound). Aim for 16 ounces of fluids during the workout to replace what you lost through sweating.

5. Rehydrate post-workout.

If you see white streaks on your skin or clothes after exercising, it means that you have lost a lot of sodium. Replenish it with electrolytes found in sports drinks or vegetable juice, which is rich in sodium.

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