Exciting Water Sports You Have To Experience

Posted by Leland On June - 1 - 2017

If swimming and kayaking are the only water sports you’ve ever done in your entire life, then you’re missing out on a LOT! Imagine gliding across the lake at 20 miles per hour. Or maybe riding on a tube as you pass over waves brought on by the motorboat towing you. These activities are not necessarily dangerous; just be smart and follow rules or take lessons beforehand. Once you experience the incredible thrill of speed and water combined, you gain yourself a priceless summer you’ll never forget.


Put on your skis and life vest, hold on tight, and let the motorboat take you for a spin on the lake. Waterskiing might sound crazy scary because of the speed, but in order for this to work, you have to be pulled by a motorboat going at least 20 miles per hour. The faster it goes, the more tricks and maneuvers the water-skier can do.

Slalom Skiing

Slalom skiing involves only one ski, which makes it easier to make sharp turns—and to go faster. Beginners can make use of slalom skis with wider tails and flat bottoms to help them get up more easily and stay straight.

Barefoot Skiing

From two to one … to none! That’s barefoot skiing—water skiing without any water skis and also known as “barefooting”. Due to the absence of skis, the skier needs a much faster motorboat speed of 30 to 45 miles per hour in order to keep the skier upright. Starting in Florida in 1947, it’s now greatly appreciated by many enthusiasts.


Also towed behind a motorboat like waterskiing, wakeboarding involves riding a wakeboard on top of the water surface. The rider must use a combination of waterskiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques while getting pulled at a speed of 18 – 25 miles per hour. Wakeboarding as a sport is still pretty recent, starting in the late 1980s and influenced by snowboarding. The higher the rider’s level, the more jumps and tricks they can make high in the air.


If the fear of falling and crashing into the water is holding you back, then consider kneeboarding instead. By the term itself, instead of standing on the board, the rider kneels on his heels and straps his thighs using a Velcro strap to secure himself to the deck. Kneeboarding is definitely much easier to learn.


Another easier, but still just as fun water sport, is tubing. The rider rides on top of an inner tube on the water. The rider can either be towed or go free-floating and let the current take you wherever. You can still steer using your hands or webbed gloves. So if standing or kneeling isn’t for you, then go for tubing and get the most fun while sitting down!

These water sports can be enjoyed anywhere where there’s a swimmable river, lake, or ocean in the United States. One of our favorite spots is Hood River, OR. Stay at a Hood River bed and breakfast and enjoy close proximity to the water and mountain views.

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