It’s Not Crazy if it’s Sports: Game Day Superstitions

Posted by Leland On March - 26 - 2013

game day superstition

As the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament progresses, many are joining those of us whose brackets are well and truly busted. Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing you can do to help your team to win. But for those who believe in a little bit of magic, the right moves on game day just might help your team to progress onward in this year’s tourney.  

Game day superstitions range from the truly harmless to the incredibly complex and downright weird. The lengths that true fans go to in order to assert control of their team’s fate are considered absurd by some, but absolutely essential to others. Whether it’s who you are with, what you are wearing, or where you are sitting, props to you for doing your all to win. Here are some of the most common game day superstitions. Consider these your inspiration to do your part for the team.

One of the most classic game day superstitions is regarding your apparel. Whatever jersey, t-shirt, hat, or even underwear you had on the day of a big win is forever lucky in the eyes of the superstitious. From that day on, every game MUST be watched while wearing that item of clothing. My advice: shop around for the best in team apparel. If you’re going to be stuck in something for a whole season, it better be a pretty great outfit. Check out this site for college level apparel if you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe in efforts to spur your team onward in the NCAA tournament.

Another game day superstition isn’t about you, but about who you watch the game with. Maybe you’re not the lucky one, but if you can reassemble the exact party with whom you watched the playoffs last year, things will go your way. Whenever a big game arises, look around and see who is enjoying it with you. Hopefully you can handle hanging out with them for as long as it takes to make the team win.

No game day is complete without snacks, and these can turn into a big superstition as well. Did you have an Oreo in your hand last time your team made one from half court at the buzzer? You had better stock up on the double-stufs before the next game, or your team could be in trouble. Kick the superstition up a notch by making food from the opposing team’s hometown. Check out this site, featuring famous dishes from each of the fifty states. These kinds of mind tricks are sure to jinx the competition, if only you believe hard enough.

If your superstition borders on compulsion, try this one out throughout the game. Whenever things go well, don’t change a thing! No bathroom breaks, readjusting positions, adjusting the volume, or anything. Or try a combination of all the typical superstitions- make the same meal, wear the same clothes, and call up the same buddies every single game. Superstitions start to get more and more ridiculous when they get more and more complex, but hey, they might be more effective too.

The most important advice for even the mildly superstitious is that once you find something that works, never ever give it up. Remember, the fate of the game is in your hands.


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