Skiing in Colorado vs Skiing in The East Coast

Posted by Alfredo On August - 2 - 2016

west coast and east coast skiing pictures

Everyone claims that whatever coast they are from, that their coast is the best coast. Some people claim that skiing in Colorado, which is a part of the West Coast is better than skiing in the states on the East Coast and vice versa. There are differences when it comes to skiing through the mountains of Colorado and skiing through the terrains of the East Coast. Regardless of which coast is the better coast, here is a list of the differences of skiing in Colorado (the West Coast) and the East Coast.

Colorado (West Coast)

  • Colorado is very well known for being one of the main homes to skiing and the home to one of the largest ski areas. There are many ski resorts in Colorado such as Vail Ski Resort and Copper Mountain.
  • Because Colorado has mountains, there is higher altitude and deeper snow to ski on.
  • Colorado is known as the “powder coast” when referring to skiing because the snow comes up as powder when skiing on it.
  • Because Colorado is also in the mountains, a trip down the mountain would consist of wider trails, a more difficult course, and longer runs due to the large size of the mountains.

East Coast

  • The snow is different on the East Coast. There is less snowfall and the snow is wetter than in Colorado. The East Coast uses man-made snow for their skiing courses along with the natural light snowfall that they receive.
  • Since there aren’t as big of mountains on the East Coast as there are on the West Coast, the East Coast runs aren’t as steep.
  • The East Coast is known as the “ice coast” since the man-made snow on the East Coast turns to ice as more people go down the course throughout the day. This doesn’t mean that you can’t ski on ice, it just means that you need to wax your skis since the snow isn’t real.
  • Since the mountains aren’t as large and there are fewer trees, the ski courses on the East Coast are easier than the Colorado ski courses and other ski areas on the West Coast.

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