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You know you love them. So do we. Most importantly, we’re here to write about them. Obsessively and randomly. So tonight we go live and we’re going to discuss the event of the night that Sportscenter will annoy us all to death with for the next few days/weeks/months – the Miami Heat finally winning a title. Ugh.

As if we haven’t gotten enough LeBron James, now he’s won an NBA title and it’s only going to get worse. We get it, he’s a freak athlete. But no matter how many times it’s been said I can’t get over the construction of the uber team it took to do so. There’s something distinctly un-American about shooting fish in a barrel. We respect the loaner who toils at his craft until he overcomes incredible odds to win. Hell, Dirk Nowitzki’s road to a ring (which he did so by beating these very same Heat a year ago) seems more American. Yes, Mark Cuban’s not afraid to throw some money at his roster to improve it, but I don’t think the fans or Dirk would have appreciated that title as much had they gone out and picked up Dwight Howard and Deron Williams to get him there. Meh…I just don’t buy it.

Miami Heat forward LeBron James and Miami Heat...

So now we’re truly entering the era of LeBron. Even with Dwyane Wade in the lineup, he put his stamp on this team and now the NBA has to try to put a team together that can compete. But how exactly will someone beat this team over the course of seven games? When they use their athleticism to pressure on defense and then get out and run, they’re extremely difficult to match up against. Not to mention, they have two of the most difficult one on one players to defend in the league. So even when only one of them’s on the court they can create baskets.

Obviously the weakness is up front, and they’re not even that weak there. Undersized, yes, but Chris Bosh is still able to score in the post while healthy and can hold his own on the glass. Plug in a couple other average big bodies and shooters (like they had this year) and they’re pretty well stacked.

Sadly, it’s going to take another super-type team to beat them I’m afraid. Even with another super team, it’s unlikely any amalgamation of talent will be able to eclipse the LeBron/Wade level of excellence, so they’ll have to be incredibly strong up front to exploit that “weakness”, while still being good enough in the back court to handle the Heat’s pressure and also be able to guard them in return.

So that sounds like the game plan…but who can actually execute it?

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