Top 5 Greatest Football Stadiums in America

Posted by Leland On April - 13 - 2017

Top 5 Greatest Football Stadiums in AmericaAmericans live and breathe football. In fact, we’re the only country that seems to actually care for the sport. Other countries even use the name for a different sport altogether and refer to ours as “American football”. Still, it’s important to us, and football’s biggest day, the Super Bowl, is the single most watched event in the country. While the teams compete against each other for titles, glory, and their chance to make it to this grand event, their backers are in a different sort of battle. Stadiums bear the names of their team’s biggest supporters and sponsors, and if those sponsors want to look good and please fans, their stadium better be among the best.

5. Ford Field

Anyone who watches football even to the smallest degree is aware that the Lions’ track record isn’t the best. The team is the only one in history to win zero games during an entire season, and that is what makes their stadium so great. To accommodate Lions fans and keep them coming back, sponsors spared no effort or expense in making Ford Field amazing and contracted ROSSETTI, a local architectural firm renowned for their expertise with stadiums, arenas, and the like to get the job done right. The aesthetically pleasing stadium keeps fans warm, a blessing in Michigan’s freezing winters; and boasts exceptional lighting, seating, sight lines, and food offerings that rank among the best in U.S. stadiums.


4. Heinz Field

Unfortunately, the yellow seats make it almost painfully obvious when seats are vacant, not good for broadcasters or the team, but this stadium has everything going for it otherwise. The Great Hall has an amazing memorabilia collection for both tenants, the Steelers being the more famous of the two, that fans can peruse any time. The stadium truly embodies its city and team and even boasts a great view of both the nearby water and city skyline. Their local food options bow only to those listed in number 5 above, and though they don’t have any sound-enhancing architecture, they don’t really need it. Their fans are some of the most enthusiastic in the country and get rowdy enough with their cheers and towel-waving that the team needs no help hearing them and their enthusiasm.


3. CenturyLink Stadium

This stadium only fits 67,000 people. In fact, it’s tied for 24th in size for NFL stadiums, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still exceptional. With everyone packed in tightly and cheering on the Seahawks, the sound of the music, cheering, and booming announcements almost seems to consume you. The stadium is built with specialty acoustics and architectural parabolas that emphasize every sound like no other stadium in the country. The special roof that creates this effect even protects fans from the rain – always a nice feature – and seems to have had a magical effect on the team. They weren’t a very relevant team before the stadium was built, but ever since the stadium started booming their fans’ cheers against their ears, they’re a force to be reckoned with.


2. Lambeau Field

The sole reason this stadium doesn’t rank #1 on this list is the fact that it’s outside and in Green Bay. Hopefully, Packers’ sponsors will eventually accommodate their fans by placing them indoors as keeping fans warm is a major concern when you live that far north. Apart from that, what sets this stadium apart is its history and structure. This field is the oldest, continually operating NFL stadium in the world, which makes it a national treasure in a way. It also has retained its basic structure since it opened, giving it a look and feel that is unlike any other stadium while updating to keep up with the times in the most appropriate ways. The location, while a partial downfall, is also a huge benefit to the stadium and team as the town is so proud of their team that tailgates take over every inch of it. Once the game begins, these fans make the game enormous fun with their excitement and thrill that will almost make you forget how cold you are. Almost.


1. AT&T Stadium

This $1.3 billion masterpiece of a stadium is a true testament to how important football truly is to Texas. Nicknamed Jerry World for the man who built it, this stadium keeps with the Texas tradition of an opening in the roof so “God can watch the Cowboys on Sundays”, which is a truly memorable feature. It means their fans are completely covered even if the players are not, though that’s typically not such a big deal in hot, dry Texas. Keeping with another of its state’s traditions, the stadium is enormous. 85,000 plus seats surround the field, and each area of seating is unique with its own atmosphere. Unlike most stadiums, this one offers luxury suites at field level for those willing to drop the right amount of money. There is also a standing-room-only section for those looking to reunite with their college days and a sports bar inside the stadium where you can grab some great, and slightly expensive, food when the stadium’s wide-ranging traditional offerings aren’t the multi-course meal you’re looking for.

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